All Crawling Insects guaranteed until December 31st

Offered April through June only

Includes Three Services – Spring, Summer and Fall

The purpose of the Tri Pack program is to provide control of All Crawling Insects and to prevent future infestations. The emphasis is on inspection and prompt quality service. When required, additional retreatments for the Tri Pack will be provided at no additional charge.

This plan covers the following insects:
Roaches, inside flea and tick problems, earwigs, mites, millipedes, centipedes, crickets, clover mites, pill bugs, beetles, spiders, silverfish, all varieties of ants including Carpenter Ants.

The following pests are NOT covered by this plan:
Bed bugs, stink bugs, box elder beetles, lady bugs and termites.

Outside Treatment
The entire foundation completely around the perimeter of your home will be treated with a water based solution from the ground level up approximately four feet. Any trees in the immediate area of your home will be treated around their trunks. Railroad tie walls, prime nesting areas for ants and all crawling insects, will also be treated.

Inside Treatment
Our technician will treat with a colorless, odorless, water based insecticide along the perimeters of each and every room in your home, including the basement. The bathrooms and kitchen will also be treated on a crack and crevice level. The application will dry clear, it doesn’t stain, and it is completely safe around children, pets, and adults. The chemists have designed the insecticide to exterminate by body weight. The average body weight of an insect is 1/10 of a gram. Consequently, there is no effect on adults, children, and pets whose body weight is significantly greater than 1/10 of a gram.

1. Any children 3 years or younger must be out of the house for three hours.
2. Pregnant or expecting women must be out of the house for three hours.
3. All birds are sensitive to chemicals and must be out of the house for 24 hours.
4. A. Bailey will not treat any home with salt water fish and we are not responsible for the loss of any tropical fish.
5. All household pets should be put outdoors or confined to one room and kept away from the perimeter of the room for three hours.
6. Any specialty pets should be discussed with Charlie Grant before service.

Scheduling Policy
Due to the large volume of customers, A. Bailey Industries does not and will not offer specific time appointments including, but not limited to, first and last stops. Appointments are offered in four time frames: early morning (8AM – 11AM), morning (9AM - 12PM), midday (10AM - 2PM), and afternoon (12PM - 3PM). We offer service Monday – Saturday. Naturally, Saturday service tends to fill up rapidly so please be advised that there may be an occasional one to two week waiting period for Saturday appointments.

Retreatment Policy
Please note: for any service that is required between the regularly scheduled Tri Pack services, the customer must allow A. Bailey Industries a response time of 3 - 4 business days.

Due to the nature of liquid residual and micro-encapsulated materials, the treatment may show best results 14 – 30 days after treatment is rendered. Please allow 14 days for treatment to take effect. Each service will take about 20-30 minutes but remember you are paying for the 6 month guarantee, not the initial time that our technician is there.

We can customize a program to fit your needs. Call owner for phone estimate.
Ask for Charlie @ ext 202 until 7:30 everyday except Sunday.
Or check your local branch offices

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