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Squirrels Procedure

Thank you for allowing A. Bailey Industries Termite and Pest Control Corporation the opportunity to offer you a price quote to rectify the squirrel infestation at your property. Generally a family of squirrels contains 2-8 members!

Through experience, we at A. Bailey Industries have determined that the One-Way Tunnel method is the most efficient and effective way of solving your squirrel problem. Our method is described below:

A professional squirrel specialist will first perform a full scale inspection on the entire outside of your house with a ladder and digital camera. After inspection is completed, the specialist will take you outside and show you the opening or openings where the squirrels have entered. At this particular time, our specialist will create a One-Way Tunnel using metal wire and place it on the exterior of your home. The squirrels will come out this One-Way Tunnel in three to four days because they need water and they will dehydrate if they remain inside. The next step is to wait 7-10 days until the specialist returns and inspects the exterior of your home to be sure all of the squirrels are out. Once that has been verified, the specialist will then remove the One -Way Tunnel and he will seal the hole(s) with a piece of heavy duty metal. At this time your problem is solved and the work is guaranteed for 6 months.

1. Inspection
2. One-Way Tunnel installed
3. Six Month guarantee begins day of service
4. Waiting Period (7-10 days)
5. Specialist Returns and Inspects again
6. Remove tunnel and seal hole(s)

The guarantee for squirrel work is for 6 months starting from the initial day of service. Call owner for phone estimate. 1-800-479-9253 Ask for Charlie @ ext 202 until 7:30 everyday except Sunday.

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