Preparation for Roach Control

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  1. Kitchen Areas
  2. Bathrooms
    • Repeat the same procedure in the bathrooms.
    • Starting with the medicine cabinet, empty it and place the contents with the food and the dishes. Then empty the cabinet or vanity below the sink as well as the cabinets or pantries that would house towels, etc. Place these contents on the living room floor also.
  3. Take a clean sheet or blanket and cover all the items that have been removed from the kitchens and baths.
  4. Do not leave out any food, pet bowls or pet food.
  5. Place all children’s toys in closets or in plastic bags.
  6. A baseboard application will be performed first, and then a fan spray of all the bases of the cabinets and finally the entire building will be fumigated.
  7. Make arrangements for you and your pets to leave the premise for three hours after the fumigation. Special instructions apply to birds. All birds must be out for 8 hours. Fish tanks must be covered with a towel and the circulation pump must be disconnected. If you have salt-water fish, please contact our office for further instructions.
  8. Most multi family dwellings are equipped with smoke detectors or similar devices. All of these sensors should be covered with plastic and secured with tape. The reason for covering these sensors is to prevent the fumigation process from setting them off. If tenants are not capable of covering these devices, our technicians will perform the task for an additional charge.
  9. If you wish to wash out or vacuum your cabinets, please do so prior to our treatment, not after. Cleaning them afterwards will dilute the residual, causing the treatment to be unsuccessful. Please wait 30 days before washing the areas to which the product has been applied.
If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call our office at 1-800-479-9253. Ask for Charlie at ext 202.
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