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Dear Customer,

 A. Bailey Industries is happy to announce that we have expanded our service to include a Quarterly Service Program. Through research and polling of our customers, it has come to our attention that we were failing to offer a pest control service designed for today’s busy world. We found our customers are looking for a pest control company that can satisfy all of their pest control needs with out becoming a thorn in their side.

To satisfy these requirements, the Home Protection Program was born. With this program, you are not a slave to a monthly service. We treat only when a problem occurs. We are there for you when you need us. One call to our live office will set you up with an appointment in less than 3 business days. Four times per year, we will inspect your house, place insect monitors, treat for any current problems and much more. Please see the contract for details. Between the quarterly services, we will be on call for any problems that may arise. Included in the Home Protection Program are roaches, carpet beetles, food infesting insects, rodents, wasps and bees, fleas and ticks, earwigs, mites silverfish, millipedes, crickets, spiders, gnats, flies, ants, and most importantly – CARPENTER ANTS!

For pricing information and answers to any questions that you may have please do not hesitate to call your local service branch.



Charles Grant,  President




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