Carpenter Ant Treatment Program

Dear Customer,

Thank you for allowing A. Bailey Industries Termite and Pest Control Corporation the opportunity to offer you a price quote for  a carpenter any treatment.

We at A. Bailey Industries feel that a successful pest control program should be preventative in nature  and not just corrective.  I trust the program outlined below will meet with your approval and that we may look forward to your acceptance.

Outside treatment: The entire foundation, completely around the perimeter of the building, will be treated with Prelude, in a water based solution, from the ground level up approximately four feet.  Any trees in the immediate area of the building will be treated around their trunks. Railroad tie walls, prime nesting areas for ants, will also be treated.

Inside treatment: Our technician will treat with a colorless, odorless, water based insecticide (Prelude) along the perimeter of each and every room of the building-  including the basement.  The bathrooms and kitchen will also be treated on a crack and crevice level.  The application will dry clear, it doesn't stain and it is completely safe around children, pets and adults.  The chemists have designed the insecticide to exterminate by body weight.  The average body weight of carpenter ant is 1/10 of a gram.  Consequently, there is no effect on adults, children and pets who's body weight is significantly greater then 1/10 of a gram.

The contaminated ants return to the nest where most of them die; whereupon the queen and the other ants being cannibalistic will eat them causing a chain reaction known as secondary poisoning.  This method of treatment will guarantee total destruction of the nest. 

Below please find the carpenter ant retreatment program.

Please allow the initial treatment fourteen days to become effective.  After the fourteenth day, if live ants are observed anywhere within the building, please call our toll free number 1-800-476-9253 and we will return and retreat these areas free of charge.  We respond when you call us.   One call to our live office will set you up with an appointment in less than 3-4 business days.  The guarantee starts the initial day of service.

For pricing information please call your local service branch .  The treatment carries with it a 12 month guarantee.  Upon expiration of the first year's guarantee, you have the option to renew for another twelve months.  The guarantee is for all varieties of ants, not just carpenter ants.  Payment in full must be made on the initial day of service.  In addition to checks and cash, we accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

A. Bailey Industries is a fully insured company.  All of or servicemen are highly trained and fully certified by the State of New Jersey.

What sets A. Bailey Industries apart from other pest control companies is our live office Monday - Saturday and the guarantee of NO TELEPHONE TAG.  Should you have any questions regarding our services, please call your local service branch.

Thanks you.


Charles Grant, President


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